FlowSocks™ Testimonials

The Optima FlowSocks™ have miraculously cured my feet pain and years of turmoil. I could not walk for more than a few minutes and now I can easily go for my daily morning walks. It has made me stand up on my feet again!

Elizabeth J

Since I started using the Optima FlowSocks™, I have forgotten about the pain and I started my salsa classes again. It has filled me with positivity and given me new hope.

Jessica B

My mother always complained about her ankle pain due to diabetes. It was always swelled up and made her cranky. One day we saw an advertisement on Optima FlowSocks™ and thought of giving it a try. Today my mother is cured.

Maggy O

OptimaBrace™ Testimonials

I can't believe the extra force that these braces provide to my legs. They really make a long day of effort way less tiring.

Graham M

After my knee operation I was in a lot of pain.  I purchased an OptimaRest™ brace and the relief was amazing! I really recommend it to everyone.

Mary W

They are simply magic. Design is very simple but clever. I am feeling so light when I have them on. Less pressure on my knees was what I was after.

Liam B